Office Desk

I'm a wife, mom, and I run my own bookkeeping company for small businesses in the service based industry.

We have a great team of bookkeepers at our disposal to tackle any job that needs to be done.

Our mission is to focus on your bookkeeping so that you can focus on your passion.

How can we help your business reach the growth you desire?


OUR services.

Basic Bookkeeping Services Offered

  • Keeps track of all business transactions

  • Reconcile bank, credit cards, loans, etc.

  • Deliver and review 3 financial reports

  • 1 hour phone/web consultation per month to review reports

  • Cloud Based Accounting software subscription

  • phone & e-mail support

  • Collaboration with company's CPA to ensure smooth tax time

  • Invoicing for customers and tracking bills

Pick the Size of Company

  • Simplify Life Package :  Up to 75 Transactions per month

  • Premier Performance Package:  Up to 125 Transactions per month

  • Executive Suite Package:  Up to 200 Transactions per month

Transactions include every payment received as well as every payment the company makes.

Add some add-ons

Add on services can be added on for specific months or every month.

The first month requires a add on with a choice of set up, clean up job, or historical clean up.

Optional additional add on services are as follows:

  • Management of Payroll Services

  • Small bill collections (up to 4 customers in a month, 2 attempts per week)

Don't see a desired service listed?  call and let's talk!


"The first rule of management is delegation.  Don't try and do everything yourself because you can't."

Anthea Turner