About us

I'm Michelle McCartney.

I'm a wife, mom, and I run my own bookkeeping company for small businesses.

Our mission is to focus on your bookkeeping so that you can focus on your passion.

Honoring our veterans with a veteran's discount, helping our small businesses with our Covid discount, and honoring our clients with an amazing referral bonus and 10% off all services at www.virtualmomager.com


OUR services.

Basic Bookkeeping Services Offered

  • Keeps track of all business transactions

  • Reconcile bank, credit cards, loans, etc.

  • Deliver and review 3 financial reports

  • 1 hour phone/web consultation per month to review reports

  • Cloud Based Accounting software subscription

  • phone & e-mail support

  • Collaboration with company's CPA to ensure smooth tax time

  • Invoicing for customers and tracking bills

Pick the Size of Company

  • Simplify Life Package :  Up to 75 Transactions per month

  • Premier Performance Package:  Up to 125 Transactions per month

  • Executive Suite Package:  Up to 200 Transactions per month

Transactions include every payment received as well as every payment the company makes.

Add some add-ons

Add on services can be added on for specific months or every month.

The first month requires a add on with a choice of set up, clean up job, or historical clean up.

Optional additional add on services are as follows:

  • Management of Payroll Services

  • Small bill collections (up to 4 customers in a month, 2 attempts per week)

All Clients receive 10% off all services at www.virtualmomager.com

Don't see a desired service listed?  call and let's talk!


"The first rule of management is delegation.  Don't try and do everything yourself because you can't."

Anthea Turner